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Baywatch Alum Donna Looks Very Smoking Hot In Sizzling Bikini Snaps

Donna D’Errico’s new Instagram post would have put any young actress to shame. The 53-year-old looked stunning, youthful, and not a day older from when she starred in the 1990s show Baywatch as lifeguard Donna Marco. But the looks haven’t really come naturally as the platinum blonde regained her youthful body looks after going through multiple cosmetic surgeries back in 2017. 


What Cosmetic Surgeries Did Donna Go Through To Get Her Sensational New Body?

Donna was able to get her smoking Baywatch Body back after she underwent multiple kinds of cosmetic procedures. The range of surgeries included getting 2 litres of full fat extracted, an arm lift, back liposuction, and a little tummy tuck as well. 

Know that the fat which got removed from her body was injected into her butt so that she could get a cute little bubble butt. 

Donna Posts On Instagram With Her New Smoking Siren Body

In the new album, she was seen showing off her strikingly toned figure in just a white bikini which revealed more than it hid. She also had a Neapolitan umbrella which she was twirling around as she showed off her sensational body. 

Honestly, the entire look complete with her luxurious hair being down as she wore nude stilettos and put on smoking siren makeup did make our hearts skip a beat or so. 

In the caption to the now-iconic photo, the actress promoted the Naples shop from where she got her floral umbrella. She said: 

“I never knew umbrellas could be masterpieces! Look at this one Im holding. The photos just dont do it justice. It is exquisite. Handcrafted in Italy by master craftsman @mario_talarico_since_1860. Im almost afraid to use it!” 

Donna D’Errico’s Life And Career

Donna’s first brush with fame was when she got the centrefold piece in the 1995 Playboy Playmate magazine. It was just the following year that she landed on Baywatch as Donna Marco. She stayed on the show till 1998 for two seasons. 

The year 1996 was eventful for her for other reasons as well. After all, that year she got hitched to Nikki Sixx, the bassist from Motley Crue and gave birth to her daughter Frankie Jean. She met Nikki through the most famous Baywatch actor- Pamela Anderson, who herself was married to Tommy Lee, his bandmate. 

However, the marriage didn’t last and the couple parted ways in 2006. Just a couple of years ago, the actress hinted on Million Dollar Matchmaker that infidelity from his side might have been the reason for the marriage ending. She was quoted saying: 

“You know, what I got was: “Well, what does she expect? She married a rockstar. She should’ve gone in knowing this was going to happen.” 

As for her career, Donna is still working as an actor and has guest-starred on shows like Brooklyn Nine-Nine. 

We might never know the full reason behind the marriage ending, but we are glad that she feels sexy and beautiful in her body now. In fact, we would definitely like to see more of Donna in her new secure and self-assured smoking body.