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Beyonce In Skintight Dress And Shows Off Her Undies

Beyonce is iconic and sexy. Very few women can match the charisma and power that Beyonce shows off. So to remind everyone that she is unmatched in her confidence and sexiness, Beyonce posts pretty frequently on social media. 

Recently she posted a photo in front of her hotel room safe where she was wearing high heels and a skintight dress. But that was just one in a series of pic. So let us check all of it out.



Beyonce Gets Hots In The Skintight Dress 

The “Lemonade” singer posted these pictures on Monday and made sure that all eyes remained on her even off-stage. The star is currently touring Miami with her singer husband Jay-Z and has pretty constantly posted pictures from the place while on the road. 



Now, we have to admit- her luxurious lifestyle is making us drool a little. But the thing that is really making us drool is her ever-present curves. In another pic, she can be seen wearing a piece of unique diamond jewellery that just adds to her beauty. This post by the “Halo” singer got a whopping 2.2 million+ likes in a span of just 12 hours. 

Minidress Wearing Beyonce Makes Us All Hot And Bothered

In another photo, Beyonce can be seen crouching down with a “Whatchu lookin’ at” look plastered on her face as she wears a green accent, patterned, and periwinkle minidress. The hitmaker also wore elbow gloves that match her mini. To complete her look she put on block-green heels, huge hoops, and statement shades. 


After we recovered from this look, we noticed that her undies were hanging on the clothing rail located right beside her. Many commentators couldn’t resist being naughty after seeing her hot undies hanging on the clothing rail. One comment which had more than 500 likes, read: 

“Oh you & jay had a fun night huh? I see that lingerie!!”

Beyonce Looks Amazing In A Casino And On A Yacht

But that’s not all, there were other photos in the photoset as well. In the next one, there was a beautiful casino shot that showcased the queen and her husband. Beyonce can be seen giving the camera a naughty look as she sips on a cocktail. 


In another picture, Beyonce can be seen on a yacht and she looks absolutely glorious in the nighttime setting. After being blessed with so many pictures at once, one fan got overwhelmed and wrote in the comments: 

“When has she ever posted this much? I feel spoiled.”

Beyonce Thanks Fans For Ivy Park Support

If you really want to feel spoiled and close to Beyonce, then you can try buying her unique Ivy Park merchandise. In this clothing line from Adidas, which now goes by Icy Park, you will have a wide variety to choose from. In a picture posted this year, you can see Beyonce with a small grill that has the logo of the sportswear company. 


That’s not all. She also posted a thank you note on Instagram on January 21 where she thanked her fans for supporting her Adidas × Ivy Park collection. In the captions she said: 

“I want to say a huge thank you to all of the incredible human beings who stood in those long lines in the snow and rain. All the beautiful people who waited in the waiting room online. All of the friends and family who took the time to film videos and dress up in the unboxing. I am humbled, grateful and proud. Y’all look so good in your IVY PARK. I love you deep. B.”

Beyonce and her curves have always remained authentic and so they will always hold a special place in our hearts. We know that it will continue to be so for the many years to come.