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Britney Spears Shows Off Curves In Several Fab Outfits In A Fun Mashup

Britney Spears is currently in the spotlight due to her court case and the general issue with her conservatorship. But in the mist of the storm, the singer has managed to keep calm and carry on. On Monday the Toxic hitmaker posted a mashup video on Instagram that was set to BLACKPINK (a K-pop girl group’s) music called “How You Like That.” 

In the video, the pop princess modeled various kinds of outfits and this included a canary yellow bikini and a sheer black catsuit. Let us check out all the outfits that she modeled. 

Britney Spears

Britney Spears Models Sexy Little Outfits

The video begins on a balcony where we see Britney dancing in beautiful black stiletto heels as she swipes both her arms sexily to the side. The camera then cuts to another look. In her first look, she can be seen wearing an outfit from Pretty Little Thing. It was a cross-green emerald criss floral minidress. This minidress came with a plunging neckline and a lace-up back. 

Britney Spears

Next in line was a leather catsuit that was made of sheer black lace as well. After that Spears wore a yellow skimpy bikini that reminded us of her music video called Hit Me Baby One More Time. Honestly, she just needed those pink pom-poms to complete the look. With summer almost here, it’s time we all took some dressing advice from Britney. 

The hitmaker also wore a pink feathery top and then paired it up with thigh-high socks, mini black skirt, and some glittery boots. In her caption she said: 

“I found my lace and leather catsuit this time …. I’ve never worn it out anywhere cause well …. where could I wear it but it’s fun to hang out in? Like I said before …. I’m bored! Here’s to fashion ✨!!!”

As for her hair, the Make Me songstress had her hair either up, down, or partly up/down depending on the look. 

We were a little surprised to hear that she was modelling for Pretty Little Things because till now only Instagram celebrities and some reality stars have modeled for them. But since Britney is just like us and isn’t a star who only loves high-end designers, so it makes sense that she went with this brand. 

Britney Addresses Her Fans In Video

This Instagram modelling video comes on the heels of a confessional video that she posted on Friday. In that video, she assured fans that she was extremely happy and totally fine amidst the ongoing legal issues and battles regarding the conservatorship. In that Q&A sort of video, Britney addressed the most common questions. 

One of the most common questions was- if she was ‘okay’ and to that she replied- “I have a beautiful home, beautiful children.’I’m taking a break right now because I’m enjoying myself.”

The singer is often asked by her fans about her mental and physical health, but this Friday was the first time she actually did a video about it and concretely answered some questions. 

We all hope to see the end of her conservatorship soon, but we are glad to hear that Britney is in fact doing okay when these battles are raging. Hopefully, she continues to sizzle onscreen and off.