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Carly Lawrence Puts On A Sizzling Display In Sheer Lingerie

Carly Lawrence, a model and former contestant on the hit Netflix reality series “Too Hot To Handle” season 2, recently shared a video on her Instagram account that left her fans in awe. In the video, Carly can be seen flaunting her fit physique in a sheer lingerie set that was so transparent that she had to move her blonde hair to cover her chest.

She then changed into a blue lingerie set that had pink and yellow flowers embroidered on the fabric. Carly gave a close-up look at the set before changing into another black-and-white set, showcasing the tiny thong to her fans. The video, which Carly revealed was an ad for Lounge Underwear’s birthday sale, was set to a remix of The Weeknd and Ariana Grande’s hit song “Die For You.”

Carly Shares More Lingerie Videos on Instagram

Carly Lawrence has been sharing several lingerie videos on her Instagram recently. Last month, she showcased Lounge Underwear’s Valentine’s Day collection in a video set to EZI’s song “Take My Breath Away.” Carly started the video by flaunting a three-piece red lingerie set before turning around and showcasing her sunned buns for the camera. She then changed into a pink lingerie set with pink roses and green stems sewn into the fabric. Carly later changed her outfit a third time as she hooked the bands around her thighs, making sure to give a front and back view of each of her outfits before the video ended.

In another recent video, Carly showed off two more floral Lounge Underwear sets while sitting on the bed and playing with her long blonde hair. She later stretched her arms over her head while lying on the bed. Carly made sure that fans got a rear view of her blue set and white floral lingerie set as well, in a video set to a sped-up version of Isabel LaRose’s “I’m Yours.”

Costars React to Carly’s Lingerie Videos

Carly’s “Too Hot To Handle” costars have also reacted to her lingerie videos. Emily Faye Miller, her best friend from the show’s second season, commented on one of her videos, saying “THAT’S MY BESTIEEEE” alongside five heart-eye emojis. Carly replied, “I MISS YOUUUU.” Season 4 “Too Hot To Handle” reality star Brittan Byrd also commented, saying “Red on you >>>.”

Fans have also showered Carly with compliments, with one saying, “If I don’t get someone like you for Valentine’s Day as my present, send it back.” Another exclaimed, “Hottest babe ever!!!” A third fan chimed in, saying, “Absolutely smoking hot body,” while another follower agreed, calling her “one of the sexiest women on the planet.”

Carly Reveals Her Spine Tattoo Didn’t Hurt

One fan asked Carly if her spine tattoo hurt a lot, as they were considering getting one in the same spot. Carly replied that it didn’t hurt at all and was actually her least painful tattoo.

More Steamy Content from Carly

In case you missed it, Carly also shared steamy snaps of herself wearing animal-print lingerie in another recent Instagram post. With Carly’s growing popularity, her fans can’t wait to see what she has in store for them next.