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Charlie D’ Amelio Sets Instagram On Fire With Her Bahamas Trip Photos!

Charli D’Amelio went on vacation last month with her family and some influencer friends to the Bahamas. The TikTok star who rose to fame started trending on Instagram as soon as she posted a total of five pictures, including shots of her in blazing swimwear.

With Family, With Friends

Apart from her family, the 17-year-old influencer was with some of her influencer friends, namely Lil Huddy, Madi Monroe, Avani Gregg, and many more.

The Superfit Shot

In the first photograph, Charli was seen wearing a dark blue two-piece swimsuit. The snap between the sands certainly enhanced the beauty the 17-year-old diva has embraced. The Instagram post has over 3M likes and 13k comments.

The Casino Lady

In the second snap, the influencer is seen sitting on a red chair inside a casino. Wearing a little black dress, she invigorated fire with her gold metal straps and a pair of black heels.

Sunbaked In The Ocean

The TikTok star posed with a huge smile on her face for the third photograph. She was paired with an all-black bikini. Trees, bushed, the blue sky, and water-filled the shot with a much-needed background.

Shining In The Hallway

In the fourth photograph, the model was seen walking inside a hotel’s hallway. What looked like a candid shot, the 17-year-old rocked with an all-white dress for the night paired with white sandals.

The Tree At The Beach

Charli was seen posing alongside a tree in the middle of a beach in the fifth and last photograph. She was seen in a bathing suit and leaned on the coconut tree as the photographer captured the moment.