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Conor McGregor First Pitch Threw Was The Worst Ever

Conor McGregor almost hit a fan among the front rows ensuing a pitch worse than anyone ever before the commencement of a baseball game in Chicago.

He was invited to get to inaugurate at Wrigley Field for the Chicago Cubs’ paying a visit to the Minnesota Twins. Although his technique was pretty accurate, his throw was far from so.

He unbelievably performed one of the most iconic first pitches in MLB history – even if it was for all the wrong reasons.

He may be famous in the wrestling world as someone with one of the deadliest left hands in the world, he must have learned the lesson that he should rather stick to punches than throws.

While everyone expected the wrestler who packed quite a punch to casually jog to the mound and fluently make the pitch into Patrick Wisdom’s awaiting glove, McGregor produced something else entirely unprecedentedly to his viewers.

Since dressed in a tight-fitting grey suit, it was obvious that McGregor faced difficulty pulling his arm back enough to wind up for a decent throw.

On releasing his pitch, the ball flew high and wide and crashed into the fencing at the back. The pitch was so badly executed that it came dangerously close to hitting the fans present to watch the game.

The clumsy toss missed the target by such a length that the camera had to zoom out itself and shift to the right to capture the ball in the throw.

When the official Twitter account of Fox Sports MLBs tweeted the hilarious footage online, fans had a gala time ripping the Irishman to shreds through comments and retweets.

While some of them speculated that it was probably the ill-fitting suit that caused such a flimsy throw by McGregor, one of them ironically commented by saying that it was “just” a bit outside. The fans were also quick to point out the similarity of McGregor’s throw to rapper 50 Cents’ throw at the New York Mets’ Citi Field back in 2014.

Connor, who is currently 32 years old, is in recovery from his distressing leg fracture from UFC 264, whilst on his annual tour of US sporting events.