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Doja Cat Bares All For Pretty Little Thing And Gets Banned!

Doja cat is back in the news and this time it’s for being too sizzling. It seems like her new advertisement for PrettyLittleThing has been banned due to its explicit nature by ASA or the Advertising Standards Authority. Insiders are saying that the adverts that viewers are seeing have been heavily edited. In the original video, Doja was braless and writhing to the beat in a way that would have made you blush. 

Doja Cat Models For Pretty Little Things

In the ad, Doja (her real name is Amala Ratna Zandile) can be seen in various scantily clad dresses that do nothing to hide her banging physique. In anything, the ensembles have only shown off her amazing figure more. 

Many insiders are saying that scenes, where she was truly showing off a lot of herself, have been heavily edited out so that the clip can be broadcasted. Honestly, for us, the clip would have been more watchable if they had left all of Doja in. 

This is Doja’s second collaboration with Pretty Little Thing and this second partnership seems to have her in her raciest look yet. She has also said that she wants to raise the heat and the bar by modelling for a collection that was more focused on the colour as well as the fitted silhouettes. 

Regarding her new look, she said: 

“This is the beginning of something really special for me and I hope everyone enjoys this creation as much as I do! A beautiful pop of colour for summer and wearable pieces for all year round. It’s very, very colourful, we wanted something that felt summery and kind of sophisticated and wearable. I feel like the norm is very tight fitted clothing and we still have that but there’s more like shapes in the collection.”


Doja Cat Talks About The Colours Of The New Collection

The rapper clearly loves the colours of the ensemble and so she said regarding that: 

“I feel like its just very juicy it has like flavour and colour and I wanted that. I wanted the colours to feel like you know chartreuse and peach and coral, you know what I mean? Just yummy colours. I love that. Juicy! I want people to be able to accessories on top of the clothing and it kind of feels like that like a blank canvas, that pop of colour and you can just layer things on top.’


Expanding on her views she said: 

“Like big earrings, big necklaces, giant bracelets you know what I mean, like rings and what not. Those accents I feel like matter with the clothing so anytime someone does that it should look really good.”

Pretty Little Things CEO Is Delighted With Doja Cat

Doja certainly has a unique view on Pretty Little Things and their clothes. Thankfully, the feeling seems to be mutual with CEO Umar Kamani saying that they love the rapper. The CEO was quoted saying:

“We’re delighted to be launching a second collection with one of the most talented artists of the moment; Doja Cat. She has been working extremely hard on these designs with our team and I couldn’t be more excited for Doja to be fronting this summer campaign and sharing her designs with our customers.”

Doja is certainly raising the heat with these clothes. We just wish we got to see that unedited advert so that we could appreciate and drool over every part of her.