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Photos: Kylie Jenner Shows Off Curves In A Tight Dress

Kylie Jenner has a huge fan following on Instagram. She frequently posts sizzling pictures of herself with her family members. Last month, she was seen enjoying a family vacation to Caicos and Turks with her sisters and daughter Stormi. This Monday she added another one to the list by stepping out in a beautiful dress in Los Angeles.

The young lip kit entrepreneur wore a bright and tight orange cocktail dress as she took a trip to a gas station. This was the 23-year old’s first sighting since Kim Kardashian’s divorce filing from music sensation Kanye West.

What Did Kylie Wear?

The Kardashian sister was spotted wearing a pair of sky-high nude stilettos as she stepped out of her red Lamborghini. She was at a gas station looking to fill up her tank. Know that she didn’t spend more time at the station and drove off after she had filled her tank. However, she did pick up some refreshments and was spotted with a bag full of fresh corn nuts in the mini-mart.

Apart from the high heels and bright cocktail dress, Kylie also wore several bracelets and hoop earrings. Not to mention that the Off-White Jitney bag added a nice touch to the overall ensemble. To bring it all together, she put on bubblegum pink nail polish. Fans will also be relieved to know that the young star did wear her mask amidst the on-going pandemic.

Kylie’s Many Dresses

Kylie’s orange mini is the talk of the town right now. So if you want to get in on the trend then orange is your colour. But Kylie didn’t wear a plain orange dress. It had a ribbed, racer-style front with fitted silhouettes that showed off her figure.

However, not many can make such a bold neon orange work. But this just goes to show that the busty beauty can probably wear a potato sack and make it work. However, this orange dress isn’t the only one showing off her hourglass figure. On Tuesday she wore a thin, almost translucent crop top and a high-waisted skirt. Kylie flaunted her beautiful washboard abs in that picture. The Instagram post was captioned as ‘less is more.’

The lip kit tycoon put on a collar-style glam necklace and wore makeup that accentuated her beautiful features for this photoshoot. However, the thing which brought up the fire was her going bra-less in this shoot.

Being A Good Mother

Kylie is a fashion sensation, but she also knows how to be a good mother. The young entrepreneur shares her 3-year old daughter Stormi with Travis Scott, a rapper and her ex-boyfriend. However, the couple, who broke up two years back in 2019, still make it work by remaining friendly co-parents. They even celebrate holidays with their only daughter.

Kylie Jenner remains one of the hottest media sensations right now. Her Instagram posts are proof that she likes to sizzle and ensure that her fans are on the edge of their seats. So if you are wondering if there will be more such posts, then know that there will be for sure.