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New Instagram Challenge ‘Swish-And- Flick’ Made Celebrities Post Amazing Pictures

Whether you are on Tiktok or Instagram, the trends and challenges there are a normal part of its landscape. So on Instagram, a new challenge has landed and that is the ‘Swish-and-Flick’ pose that celebs are taking part in. Want to know which celebs indulged in the trend and posed gorgeous photos of themselves? Just scroll below. But before that let us tell you a little bit about the trend itself.

What Is This Swish-And-Flick Pose?

Montana Brown

To get the swish-and-flick pose you need to snap your picture just at the moment you are flicking your gorgeous hair. So all you need is style and a great phone camera that will be able to capture that hair flick quickly.

It is a challenge on Instagram because getting the timing just right is difficult. You will find that often pictures turn out to be blurry. Note that the entire idea is to express your freedom and show it by flicking your hair and swishing your own head.

Which Celebrities Are Taking The Swish-And-Flick Challenge?

Most of us are stuck inside in our apartments, waiting for the pandemic to be over. But apartment restrictions or Covid issues are not a problem for the stylish Kardashian sisters or Instagram celebrities who have plenty of open space away from people to shoot some stunning photos in.

Insta celebrity Zara McDermott clicked her pic in this pose while she was strolling about a park. She flicked her beautiful hair as she looked right into the trained camera.

Zara McDermott

Along with the above, celebrity Molly Mae Hague also joined in. Her picture was taken by her bf Tommy Fury who is a photographer as well.

Molly Mae Hague

Joining in was Anastasia Karanikolaou who used the beautiful blue sky as the backdrop to get gorgeous flowing hair.

Anastasia Karanikolaou

Beach Vibes Make The Pose More Fun

Think those are the only celebs indulging in the challenge? Not at all! After all, how can we leave without mentioning the Kardashian sisters. Kourtney Kardashian rocked the style and so did Kylie Jenner, who hopped on the trend and embellished it with beach vibes.

Kourtney Kardashian
Kylie Jenner

To add on to the beach vibes, Vanessa Hudgens too jumped on the swish-and-flick trend from a sandy white beach. You also don’t need to have long hair to carry out this pose. As Vanessa Hudgens showed, you can have curly short hair and still get the flick right.

The trend is not just for celebrities actually. It is also for people like you and more. We too can flick our hair and join in on the trend that’s slowly taking over Instagram.

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