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Pamela Anderson Slams Biopic ‘Pam And Tommy’ Series

Pamela Anderson was the biggest sizzling queen of the 90s. Her life is one for the history books. So Hulu decided to showcase a part of her life, more specifically her romance with rock star Tommy Lee by green-lighting the “Pam and Tommy” show. It has Lily James and Sebastian Stan playing the titular characters. However, now reports are saying that Anderson isn’t happy with the show. 

Pamela Anderson Thinks That The Pam And Tommy Show Is A Joke

Reports say that Pamela Anderson has branded the “Pam And Tommy” Hulu show as “a joke and cheap knock-off.”

The show came into the spotlight last week when new images were released showing Sebastian Stan and Lily James in their Pam and Tommy look. In the pictures, they looked so uncannily similar to Pamela and Tommy Lee that viewers were taken aback at first. Due to their dedication and transformation, both the actors have received praises. 

But Pamela is less than impressed. Sources tell The Sun magazine that Pamela thinks the programme is “God awful” and “a joke”. Also, the source says that the blonde bombshell has never heard of Sebastian or Lily. The quote reads as: 

Pamela has no intention of watching this God awful show, absolutely not. Never. She’s never heard of the actors playing her or Tommy and doesn’t care to know them. She and her family think the show is a cheap knock-off. The whole thing is a joke to them.

Lily James And Sebastian Stan Transform Themselves Into Pam And Tommy

In the picture released by Hulu, Lily is wearing an outfit that was probably inspired by the 1996 movie “Barb Wire” starring Pamela Anderson as well as a red carpet appearance she made back in 1995. Also, in another released photo, the actors look like dopplegangers of the two yesteryear stars as they recreate a famous 2005 photo of the pair. 

In the original picture, Pamela was tugging on Tommy’s nipple ring using her teeth. In the photo, the actor was shirtless with inks on his body and wore high-waisted jeans with chain belt. He also had on a padlock necklace. 

Hulu tweeted out the pictures with this caption:

Here’s a peek at Pam & Tommy, coming to @Hulu . Based on the true scandal that started it all, featuring Lily James, Sebastian Stan and @SethRogen … ready to rewind? #PamAndTommy.” 

“Pam And Tommy” will follow Pamela’s 3-year old marriage to Mötley Crüe‘s Tommy Lee, a rock star drummer. They tied the knot back in 1995. But the marriage is not famous for its brevity or the celebrity status of the couple, but because of a s x tape. 

We think that Pamela just wants to forget the entire tape thing. After all, why should she not. It must still hit a sore spot somewhere. Otherwise, there’s just no reason not to praise Lily and Sebastian who completely transformed themselves for this role. As for how well Pam And Tommy will ultimately get received? That remains to be seen. 

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