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Reasons Why The Batman’s Box Office Is Lower Than Spider-Man Movie

This year among many other big banners movies one most anticipated movie is Robert Pattinson and Zoe Kravitz’s starter “The Batman”. Even before the release, this movie was in news for several reasons firstly it is one of the most famous movie franchises in fact it has ‘twilight’ fame as the lead and not to forget the ever-gorgeous Zoe as Cat Women being in it.

The Batman

As The Batman has just hit the theatres yet it is being already said that the box office of the movie is really lower than in comparison to Marvel’s “Spider-Man: No Way Home”. Because of the pandemic, every movie release was uncertain and a lot was put at stake but beyond all those uncertainties Spider-Man: No Way Home proved itself and become one of the most higher grossing movies of the year already.

Speaking of, DC’s “The Batman” is released just after three months from the Spider-Man movie and the content of the plot has a lot to offer to the audience which seems to be appealing to the viewers making them visit the theatre and watch the movie on the big screen. Although both movie characters are extremely different from one another yet both of them have displayed standout performances in their own way.


Meanwhile ‘spider-man: no way home‘ was the third installment making it complete as Tom Holland’s spider-man trilogy and Marvel’s further big movie after Avengers: Endgame. “The Batman” was the story of Bruce Wayne portrayed by Robert Pattinson Who is still in process of figuring out himself and his position as a hero.

Chief Matt Reeves was entrusted with reconsidering the person in a reboot that got away from any association with the DCEU. Despite the fact that it was very generally welcomed by pundits and crowds, The Batman’s film industry is far lower than No Way Home’s.

Reason Why “Spider-Man: No Way Home” Was a Huge Success And “The Batman” Was Not

The Batman Movie box office MCU Spider-Man's
The Batman Movie box office MCU Spider-Man’s

Firstly, The Batman had a more limited dramatic run than No Way Home. The Batman was delivered on HBO Max on April 19, checking 45 days of restrictive disagreement theaters. No chance Home, then again, had a window of around 90 days between its dramatic delivery and home delivery. Besides, the fact that it’s a Spider-Man film, No Way Home was profited from being the third section in what the future held Spider-Man establishment to date. SpiderMan: Far From Home had been the main Spidey film to break the $1 billion hindrances. Likewise, not to fail to remember the film had the greatest component of shock in it as fans were in a real sense confounded by the end about the projecting with the exception of Tom Holland, Zendaya, and Benedict being in it they had no clue about who was in it or who was not. Also, the two iconic actors are going to reprise their all-time spidey role it was obvious to have hype on the next level.

All three spider man in one frame
All three spiders man in one frame

As for “The Batman” there is no doubt that the character equally dominated the superhero world as “Spider-Man” but we also cannot neglect the gap between both characters’ diversity.

Stills from "The Batman" premiere
Stills from “The Batman” premiere

The clearest contrast is that No Way Home is the third film in a series while The Batman is the start of another Batman cycle. While No Way Home addressed the finish of the main Spider-Man set of three in the MCU, The Batman needed to manage to be one more Batman reboot – the second over the most recent six years. There’s additionally a distinction in the runtime, with The Batman being about 30 minutes longer than No Way Home, meaningless screenings each day for theaters.

Also, not to forget Spider-Man is a part of the MCU universe which is big in itself considering the consistency as well as the popularity they have to maintain in the last few years while on the other hand the same cannot be said about DC’s as they clearly seem to be juggling in winning the audience over as well as in providing good content too.

So, these were the few main reasons why Spider-Man: No Way Home did better at the Box office although The Batman isn’t completely failed. In a lot of ways, it has managed to impress the audience and still proving to be a success in the theatres just not as big as the Spider-Man franchise.