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Rhian Sugden Shows Her Body And Jokes She Has ‘Specs Appeal’

Sizzling photos and Rhian Sugden tend to go hand-in-hand. The beautiful model was showing off her curvaceous body on Instagram recently. Her sizzling pictures have thrilled and excited fans for sure. What made the pictures even better was the tag of ‘specs appeal.’

What Did Rhian Sugden Post?

The 34-year-old glamour model posted a new busty snap on her Instagram page this Friday. In the pic, she showed off her body in her only yellow-coloured stylish crop top. To make the picture more luscious, she let down her beautiful blonde locks in bouncy waves. At the end, the shiny lipgloss finished off her look perfectly.

As for the punny caption of ‘specs appeal’ she put on clear-coloured glasses as a way to complete her look and the pun. Of course, the entire ensemble was way too hot to handle.


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These Kind Of Pictures Came Before Too

Of course, such pictures aren’t a new thing for Sugden. She has posted such pictures before as well. For example: in early February she posed in a photo in white lingerie that had bondage-style detailing on it, especially on her cut-out and bra sections. Even on that picture, she wrote a punny caption- ‘brea st job ever.’ But the entire caption was:

“How beautiful is this Keira set from @wolfandwhistle. My underwear collection is the best #gifted #wolfandwhistle.”


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In-Vitro Fertilization And Its Effects

Last year in October, the media personality revealed that she was getting her third in-vitro fertilization (IVF) round. She has been married to Oliver Mello, an actor, 40 and the couple are trying for a child. The couple went for IVF because they found that Sugden wouldn’t be able to have a baby naturally due to low egg count. However, they found that their second IVF cycle in November of 2019 had failed. To make matters worse she had side-effects as a result of the IVF treatment.


In her candid post she revealed that after her second IVF attempt, she was suffering from hyperpigmentation that left her feeling embarrassed. Sugden said that the treatment ’caused her freckles to quadruple’. In the full post she said:

“Keep calm and freckle on… I always used to love my freckles and always been happy to wear minimal makeup to show them off. However during my second (failed) round of IVF last year my freckles quadrupled and took over my face. It now looks like I have awful sun damage and I’ve been so embarrassed by it. Little did I know that hyperpigmentation is a side effect of the IVF and the hormones that I injected.”

Sugden says that the embarrassment came as a result of people saying that sun damage had ruined her skin. She says:

“I’ve received comments telling me it’s made me look older and that I’ve ruined my skin with sun damage… so I ended up spending a small fortune on treatments to try and shift it – and failed. Only to realise it’s actually caused by an increase in oestrogen which happens during fertility treatment and/or pregnancy. Something I had no idea about. It’s funny what affect other people’s opinions can have on you. Even when they’re from people we don’t even know, we still get affected and it’s made me so insecure.”

She continued her post by saying that she was sure there will be more freckles after her third IVF attempt, but she has started embracing her entire appearance more. Sugden said that:


“Round 3 is looming which probably means, even more, are due to appear… One of my friends said it looks like a superhero shaped mask has formed under my eyes because I’m a fertility warrior… which from now on, I shall be owning #ttcommunity #ttc #ivfwarrior #frecklesfordays. (sic)”

We are glad that Sugden is embracing her own appearance more and moving forward in life with more confidence. Hopefully, this confidence will be reflected more in her social media posts from now on as well!

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