Salma Hayek

Salma Hayek Urges Fans To ‘Keep Cool’ In A Tiny Bikini

Salma Hayek, 54, is proving that age is just a number and that good food and wine don’t have to change your body in any noticeable way unless it’s to make you hotter, and more desirable. The “Frida” star is set to star alongside Ryan Reynolds and Samuel L. Jackson in “The Hitman’s Wife’s Bodyguard,” as well as Owen Wilson in “Bliss,” but she’s more famous nowadays for her Instagram posts than her upcoming films. This is how Salma Hayek almost broke Instagram…

Salma Hayek

She hung out on a lovely white-sanded beach in a Grecian dress in green that showed off her curves and cleavage in style, making many on Instagram yearn for a holiday. The majority of her fans expressed their admiration for her and agreed that she was one of the most attractive women on screen.

Salma Hayek Instagram


Salma’s “shaking it off” video has already received over 5 million views. What is the strength of those money-making puppies? Salma, on the other hand, claims that this video was made for her dogs because she has “learned so much from my dogs 🐕“.

 What are the opinions of the fans? “I watched this tons of times,” one comment read, while others expressed gratitude for her dogs. Another commenter suggested that the video be played in slow motion, while one Instagram user joked, “You figured out how to have fun with your puppies. 🎈❤️”…

How Does Instagram Maintain Its Calm?

Salma Hayek wants everyone to keep their cool.

Salma Hayek then gets ahead and does it. “We need to keep our cool,” she writes while killing (figuratively, it’s obvious) her fans in a teeny tiny black bikini.

In less than 24 hours, the post received 1.8 million likes, and one fan wrote a much-unexpected comment, “Oh, my goodness. My childhood crush still has the same appearance as when I was a kid 😳 🔥“.

Even Vanessa Hudgens, who herself can be called a bikini queen, remarked, “Goddess,” and we have to agree with her superior judgment!

Age is nothing more than a number to Salma and that body…


Salma Hayek Instagram

Giving tribute to that Body

Salma Hayek looks stunning in a bikini.

Salma struck a yoga pose in the second photo of the post, prompting one fan to comment, “And you’re in your mid-fifties, dammit! Oh my goodness!”

Many of her fans joked that they were trying to keep their cool, but Salma wasn’t allowing them to do so with images like these. In fact, her photos were causing a stir among her devoted followers!

“I am looking at this politely,” one of her admirers wrote.

We all wish there’ll be more to see from Salma in the near future…

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