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Tekashi 6ix9ine’s Girlfriend Shows Off His Chest Tattoo

Jade (real name Rachel Wattley), Tekashi 6ix9ine’s girlfriend is flaunting a tattoo of her boyfriend on her chest! We feel like this certainly proves that her April 1 post was just an April fool’s prank and she was trolling everyone by implying that she was single. But now, the former bartender and model is back in his arms and has been flaunting her chest tattoo of 6ix9ine. 

That April 1st Photo Was Definitely A Prank

Jade and Tekashi made headlines earlier this month as they went for a vacation together. Later on, she wiped off all the pictures from her Instagram and only posted a picture of herself looking sizzling and daring in a stringy teeny bikini that looked like it was going to cause a major wardrobe mishap for her. On her chest was one word- SINGLE and it covered her 69 tattoo. 

Of course when Jade posted photos of herself kissing Tekashi and in a hot tub, then it was clear that Jade was just joking. Also, to be honest, we never really believed that the breakup was anything but a hoax. After all, with Jade getting $50,000 of authentic Chanel bags as well as Rolex watches, we think that she might not be that willing to leave the dude. 

Add in the fact that she can fly private, the perks of dating someone signing $10 million+ record deals while sitting in prison might be too tantalizing to leave. 

Jade Flaunts Tattoo And Her Body

In the recently posted picture, the mom of one rocked her killer body as she wore a tight cream bodysuit and a huge grin. Jade then showed off the tattoo of her boyfriend which was covered up. But we need to point out that all the pictures she deleted aren’t back on her Instagram. Right now, Jade’s Instagram account has 1.7 followers but only 6 posts. 

Thankfully for us, all 6 photos are of her in a bikini, but we must say that they are not normal bikinis. Some of them have her inexpensive Versace swimwear. Now, many might think that she is a gold digger, but this woman is earning her influencer money as well! 

Many fans know that both Tekashi and Jade come from humble backgrounds, with the rapper saying in an interview that: 

“I’m a true inspiration to the kids, not only with money, but showing — I used to clean tables, dishwash, deliver food 12 hours a day for like three years. I’m you, but I made myself into something. I grew up being a nobody. Genuinely, as a kid, I felt like I was just walking invisibly. I never want to feel that way. My goal is to feed me and mine.” 

We certainly understand that after long periods of struggle, Tekashi (real name Daniel Hernandez) and Jade will want to splurge and live in luxury. Also, if you are sexy like Jade, then flaunting your body with your money to make everyone sizzle is the best course of action.