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Vanessa Hudgens Looks Cute Wearing Sleeveless Netted Dress In Italy

Vanessa Hudgens has always been a delightful mix of spunky personality and a great dressing style. This was even more apparent on Thursday, July 6.

“The Princess Switch” actress was definitely feeling really good about her looks as she shared stunning selfies with her fans along with a video of her dancing.

Vanessa Hudgens Posts Fun Pics Of Her Vacation

Vanessa Hudgens
Vanessa Hudgens

In the video and selfies posted, Hudgens can be seen wearing a stunning sleeveless ombre netted dress from PatBO’s Spring/Summer 2021 collection.

The pics she shared on her social media are from her recently concluded trip to Italy. And from the looks of it, she clearly had a blast. Here’s the post:

Vanessa captured her selfie set as: “Felt cute 😉.” And she looked cute as well. She proved that her pricey $895 dress was made for her crazy moves (oof that third slide!) while also impressing tonnes of her popular friends as well as followers.

Bella Thorne commented “Soo cute 🔥,” while Hailey Kilgore said, “VANESSSSAAAA!!!!!!! Yessssssss 🔥.” A fashion blogger said, “wait this dresssss! absolutely.”

Vanessa Shows Off A Red One-Piece Suit

Vanessa Hudgens in red hot bikini
Vanessa Hudgens in red hot bikini

Along with these photos, Hudgens also shared a beautiful photo from her gorgeous room at the luxurious Forte Village Resort in Sardegna. She captioned it as, “Just cause it was too pretty not to share.” Oh, we bet!

Vanessa isn’t the first to go to Sardegna. In fact, Sardegna and Capri area well-known retreats of various celebrities, like Kylie Jenner and Ryan Seacrest.

Right now, it looks like Vanessa is back home and is in the process of uploading the videos and pictures of her dreamy Mediterranean trip.

Earlier this week, she posted pics of herself enjoying a boat ride in front of the stunning Isle of Capri in a gorgeous dress. Also, how can we leave without mentioning her sexy red one-piece suit?! That took our breaths away.

Here’s to hoping that we get to see more cute content from Vanessa.